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Auf Wiedersehen Germany, off to Eastern Europe

Tomorrow I leave Berlin, and I’m delaying the daunting prospect of packing by writing a blog post. Having been nicely settled with my own bedroom for three months (with a wardrobe – the first one in months!), the thought of fitting everything back into my bag is overwhelming. I’ve had to make a new music playlist as a packing soundtrack just to motivate myself – and to put it off further.

One job that I’ve finished is to clear space on my camera for the coming months by moving photos onto a USB stick – my third one of the trip. I’m not looking forward to sorting through all those photos when I get home, at a rough guess there’s probably well over 2,000 now. I think it will have to wait until the post-travel depression hits and I need some escapism.

It’s been a while since I updated about my own trip rather than singular events in Berlin. I think there’s some family members who are unsure of where I am and why and where to next and when the hell I’m coming home.

Yesterday was nine months since I left Sydney, and tomorrow I leave Berlin. I’ve been working as an au pair for 11 weeks, living with a German family who have two girls aged four and six. Au pairing has been difficult but a great job for travelling – I’ve worked 20-30 hours a week and have had free time to explore and socialise. I’ve picked up a decent amount of German out of necessity, and travelled to some nice towns out of the city. Berlin’s such a cool city, full of fantastic events, open-minded people, art, music and culture. I read a great quote about the large number of people who move to Berlin because of the lifestyle etc, and it was along the lines of: ‘Don’t stay in Berlin. Re-create Berlin in your own city’ and it’s really stuck with me. So don’t worry, I am coming home!

But not just yet. Tomorrow I’m catching a 14-hour overnight train to Budapest, Hungary with a Kiwi friend, Bec, who I met here in Berlin. We’re going to a club night at a public pool, among other surely amazing things. We just couldn’t resist the promise of ‘As long as you intrigues by the idea of a laser bath disco party’ [sic]. After three nights there I have a seven-hour train to Belgrade, Serbia where I’m spending two nights. I wanted to travel overland from Europe to Asia but it wasn’t possible given time, travelling alone and the riots in Turkey. So I’m flying from Belgrade to Nepal.

Mum and Dad join me the day after I arrive in Nepal, then Meg a few days later and Julia a week after that. I can’t wait to see them all! The family are staying for two weeks and Meg and I will travel for two months. I plan to return home in September.

Hopefully this gives the family and friends who are following the blog an update on my whereabouts. Berlin’s been fantastic, but I can’t wait to get back to Asia, to see my family and to keep on travelling.