The Wrinkles of the City

Last week I had the anniversary of seven months since leaving Sydney. So far I’ve spent the 26th of each month at…

September – arrived in Kuala Lumpur from Sydney
October – Thailand
November – Cambodia
December – Laos
January – Thailand
February – China
March – China
April – Germany

I’m settling into my au pairing work in Berlin (although seriously reconsidering whether I ever want kids). The girls are sweet, the parents are fantastic hosts to me. Berlin is a very cool city and I’ve been enjoying the parks, museums and vintage stores (I went to a five-level charity store yesterday, the top level was entirely vintage clothing from the 50s to the 90s. I love that they can now charge high prices for 90s clothing. Ridiculous). I have my own bike which really completes the Berlin experience, the bike lanes here are fantastic and life is just better on a bicycle.

Yesterday I went searching for The Australia Store on said bicycle because I’m craving some vegemite. Didn’t find it, maybe it went out of business, can’t imagine why. The journey wasn’t a waste of time though for three reasons: I worked off my Belgium Chocolate ice cream, I found the five-level vintage store and I saw another two pieces of the Wrinkles exhibition.

The Wrinkles of the City exhibition is a series of street art pieces in Mitte (my suburb) at the moment, by French artist JR. They’re huge black and white photographs painted onto buildings, photographs of Berliners that represent the historical buildings of the city. The nice part about it is I keep unexpectedly coming across the different artworks.




The last one isn’t part of the exhibition but I saw it while I was taking a photo of the hand and it’s real cute.


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