Nudists and swans on Rügen Island

A story in photos, because I’m too tired to write. Just returned from an overnight trip to Rügen Island in the north of Germany with my au pair family.









In summary, the trip went like this:

I got to the beach and was reminded that Aussie beaches are the best in the world – wearing scarf, coat, beanie. Then, we went to another beach which was signposted FKK = watch out, naked people about! (In this case just one old man braved the wintry Baltic Sea in his birthday suit). We fed the seagulls and please also note the photo of the swans, yes swans swimming in the Baltic Sea! Ah the things you see when you leave Australia. Then, we visited an abandoned building that was formerly a Nazi holiday resort. Then a quick photo at the famous chalk cliffs. On the way home we stopped at another creepy building, this one a cathedral. Finally I look a photo of a cool tree and then it was back to Berlin.

It was actually a lovely island and would be even better in summer, but two days straight of work has left me exhausted! I’m off to sleep…


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