Hamburger Bahnhof Gallery

Today I went to the Hamburger Bahnhof, a museum of modern art inside a former railway station. I wanted to check out an exhibition of a German artist called Martin Kippenberger. He shared my birthday and would have turned 60 this year except for the fact that he died aged 44 due to ‘a life of excess’ (sounds exciting, must look up how he actually died).

I walked through the whole museum and really enjoyed it. The building as well as the art was impressive. Like any modern art museum it had its fair share of works that let’s just say I didn’t really understand (read “art wank”) but much of it was meaningful and thought provoking. Some pics below…



Quote and art of Martin Kippenberger – ‘Berlin must be repainted’


Quote and art of Dieter Roth


2 thoughts on “Hamburger Bahnhof Gallery

  1. Gary Miller

    It all sounds great Sascha, all hail to your enquiring spirit. I have been reading all your blogs and passing them on to the boys and Angela.

    1. sashajmiller Post author

      Hi Uncle Gary, great to hear from you. Glad you’ve been enjoying reading. Hope you and the family are well. Love from your fave niece Sasha (not Sascha bahahah) xxx


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