Life in Pai – again

I’m back in Pai to regroup, settle and plan for a few weeks. Having been on the move for the best part of three months through Cambodia, Laos and the south of Thailand I was in need of a familiar and easy place to call home before heading to China on the 25th of Feb.

I’ve had a lot of downtime and exercise, both of which I’d been craving. I’m training only once a day unlike last time, meaning I have a lot of free time. I’ve finally shaken a chest cough I’d had for about a month, I’m feeling fit and healthy again and I’m only eating out once a day. My other meal is at the gym – straight after each training session we gorge ourselves on food from the markets. It’s mostly chicken, pork, vegetables, soups and white rice but I’ve tried a lot of new dishes which has been great! Eg: pork that may or may not be raw, deep-fried boiled eggs and bamboo soup.

There’s some really nice people training at the moment with whom I’ve been having some meals and drinks. So all in all, it feels very homely and simple. It’s high season in Pai at the moment and I’m really noticing the influx of tourists! As much as I’m loving being here, I’ll be glad to move out of SE Asia for a few weeks and have a change of scenery in China.

In my free time I’ve been putting together a rough itinerary for China and trying to plan my next few months. I’ve booked a flight to Russia but not sure if I’m going to be able to get a visa, so Vietnam may be on the cards instead.


My cute bungalow – I’m staying a short bike ride from town. I’m loving how quiet it is out here in the paddocks.


On my first day back in Pai I ran into Annette and Christine from Sydney! Such a weird coincidence. We had an awesome week hanging out before they moved on to Laos.


This was sitting on my doorstep this morning. A not so welcome gift from my overly attentive landlord (who has a girlfriend who gave birth to his first child three days ago. Seriously Thai men, WTF?).


2 thoughts on “Life in Pai – again

  1. Angie Miller

    Hey Sasha – all sounds amazeball! Watch out for those Thai men with 3 day old babies!!!!
    Not all glamorous as you but Gary and I are off to Oberon (past Blue Mountains) – pretend to be farmers for the weekend. Mmm should I leave my Prada at home??? xxxx


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