On the road again

It’s eight weeks today since I left Australia and I’m on the move again for the first time in over five weeks.

I left Pai on Monday after a final training session in the morning. Five weeks of Muay Thai complete – I absolutely loved it and I know I’ll miss it so much. I’m already planning to check out some of the other gyms when I’m in the south of Thailand in January with Aimee, I’ve heard about good ones in Krabi and Koh Lanta.
It was time to leave Pai though – most of my closest friends had left, apart from those who will always be there if I want to go back to visit, also, my body couldn’t take much more of the training. I’m really glad I was able to be flexible about when I was leaving, because it would have been terrible to have had to leave before I was ready.
I left Pai with a crew of people heading to Chiang Mai because an Aussie guy was fighting that night. It was an awesome night with Guy winning by knock out in the third round. We had a big night afterwards and one of the boys ended up taking a lady boy home by accident! I don’t think he really minded though, making it even funnier.
The next day (yesterday) was a bit of a downer for me, with the others heading back home to Pai and me staying in Chiang Mai. I cheered myself up with a night at Bunchun, a hostel I stayed in for three nights, five weeks ago before I went to Pai. It was really good to catch up with the guy who runs it, who is a very camp Thai artist. He runs the hostel out of a tiny apartment, so there’s just eight mattresses which are spread over his living room floor. A couple are inside tents, and the whole place is painted bright green and decorated with a papier-mache tree, games and stuffed toys, and pets including a teacup chihuahua and two tiny squirrels.
Luckily for me, given my hangover and my functioning on three hours’ sleep, he didn’t try to take me gay clubbing (that happened last time I stayed) and I caught up on some sleep before today’s bus trip to Sukhothai. Sukhothai is five hours south and I arrived at 7.30pm tonight. Just returned from a little bike ride around the city and I’m getting good vibes despite the fact that I just had a particularly strange meal of very watery rice, tofu and ‘pork’ (read: mystery meat) in gravy. Nothing that a chocolate milk and some dragon fruit for dessert can’t cure though!
So, here I am on the road again, my life on my back and making like a turtle down south to Bangkok. I’m taking my time and checking out some of the smaller cities ahead of my flight to Cambodia on Saturday afternoon. Feels nice to be back in civilisation and back in the real Thailand after spending so long in the little oasis of Pai.

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