Attack of the zombies

I’m at the end of my third week of training and it’s been more about the partying and sleeping than the Muay Thai this week.
I dropped down to attending 8 out of the 12 sessions (rather than 9) out of sheer exhaustion. I couldn’t snap out of this heavy tiredness all week, probably just a build up of how much I’ve been training. I still trained every day but generally just once a day rather than twice.
Wednesday was Halloween and as you know I love a good dress up party. We all met at the gym for drinks and face painting. I didn’t partake in the drinking that night because I was getting over a bad cold that I had earlier in the week – but I did zombie up with the paint. See pic below!
We hit up the usual Buffalo bar and some people partied a little too hard – only 6 people were at training the next morning and I’m pretty sure at least one of the trainers was still drunk!
Last night (Saturday) was a big one because it was both Beccy and Becca’s last weekend in Pai. Beccy’s been here a month and Becca 4 months. We did the usual – gym for drinks followed by Buffalo followed by Don’t Cry, a club/bar that’s open til the wee hours. We did mix things up with a side trip to a bar called Hi 5 which is run by a Thai guy and his Australian girlfriend.
Not sure whether it’s the Sang Som (rum) or the Red Bull that they put in the buckets at Buffalo bar but our good intentions to remember the night always seem to fail! Let’s just say it was quite the messy evening, involving hammocks, dancing and for some people (Matt) falling asleep on multiple occasions inside the bars. Had just a few giggles going over the photos and drunken text messaging this morning, trying to piece together the night.
Today Beccy and I nursed the hangover with a swim, Western food and eye candy at Fluid Swimming Pool, so I’m feeling good and ready for my final full week of training! I’m due to finish up on Tuesday week but am considering staying a few extra days…
The gym have put up photos from October and I feature in a couple, nothing too exciting but worth a look. If you’re interested the Facebook page is Charn Chai Muay Thai.

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