Fight night

I’m going to start with a correction to my last entry in which I said that Wat Prathat had 200-plus steps. Have since found out that it has almost 350. And we had to do the temple run again this morning, fun times!

It seems like the whole gym is sick at the moment. Variations of stomach bugs, colds, viruses and general exhaustion has wiped out a lot of people so classes have been a bit empty so far this week. I thought I’d avoided it until Monday morning when I woke up with a really sore throat and no energy. No one to blame but myself considering the amount of alcohol consumed on the weekend, but I’m taking antibiotics now and feeling a lot better, though did struggle on the run this morning.

The Muay Thai festival on the weekend was heaps of fun – our trainer, Turbo, started his match with a cartwheel kick and finished with a win which was really exciting. The whole gym (about 20 of us, plus the five trainers) went from there to a bar called Buffalo. Despite the huge number of bars in Pai we always end up there because Bee (who runs our gym) has a bit of a legendary status there due to his fighting career – we show up with him and tables get cleared. They also have live music every night and Bee, who fancies himself a bit of a rock star, jumps on the guitar for a rendition of ‘Don’t Let Me Go’, this soft rock British song that we joke is the anthem of the gym. Really hilarious with his broken English.

Halloween today is a bit of an event/excuse for a drink in Pai with a few bars having themed nights and also a zombie walk through town at 7.30pm! Of course we are heading to Buffalo. Bee has told us to come for predrinks at the gym, where we’re all going to don outfits and makeup and has designated different characters for each of us – I was told that I am going to be dressed as a floating head haha. He told someone else to dress as a ‘bummy’ which had us all pretty confused until an act of charades made us realise that he meant ‘mummy’. I think us girls’ makeups skills will be called upon to create a few zombie ladyboys too.

It’s hard to believe that we’re going into cold season. It’s a little chilly in the morning but by 11am the thermometer is well into the thirties, often up to 35/37 degrees. It’s really too hot for anything but chilling out indoors, but I still see the Thais wearing jumpers.

Trying to sort out a way to get my photos from my camera onto my iPad, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some up soon!


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