Wat Prathet Mae Yen aka temple of death

It’s been a big day today – massive workout this morning, and it’s also four weeks since I left Aus.
This morning we mixed up the usual workout with a run to a temple high up on a hill overlooking Pai. It’s called Wat Prathat Mai Yen and to reach it from the gym we ran 3.5 kms, then up the 200-plus steps to the top, and back down, twice, then ran back to the gym.
It was incredibly hard in the hot weather and given that I haven’t done a lot of running lately, but I felt good for having been able to push myself to do it. I made it back to the gym, probably only by telling myself that when I got back I was going to down some cold water, stretch it out and lie in a heap on the ground. However I only got to fulfil two of these (water and stretching) before having to do a circuit of punching bags, sit ups, skipping rope etc. Really pushing my limits in terms of my perceived endurance, which is awesome.
Had a big breakfast and a nap after training and then further surprised myself by going along to the afternoon session – only about half the class showed up. Luckily the trainers went a little easier on us, and it was good to stretch out my muscles again – but I think I’ve just delayed the inevitable and I’m going to be sorer than usual tomorrow!
Pai is getting busier and busier every day as we come into high season. The number of people around the main streets gets a bit much, but it does mean there’s a great atmosphere in the town, e.g. festivals and food markets. This weekend there’s a Muay Thai festival in town and one of our trainers is fighting, so we’re all going along to provide a cheer squad for him on Saturday night. Tonight we went to a fair-type thing with rides, food etc and five of us went in a haunted house. It was very non-scary but a Thai girl we were with was terrified, which was hilarious.
Hoping to be able to make the morning class tomorrow but I’ve now done three double session days in a row and my body is starting to flail. I’m off for an early night in the hope of being able to get up tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Wat Prathet Mae Yen aka temple of death

  1. brian miller

    hello sash! i have just read your stories..i am so happy you are having such a great time in what sounds like the sort of place you’ve been wanting to experience. Love Dad xxx.

    1. sashajmiller Post author

      I never was this athletic! Loving it so much though, will have to do something similar when im back in Aus. Can definitely recommend learning something like boxing to get fit rather than just a boring treadmill… hope you and the fam are well! xxx

  2. Angela Miller

    Wow Sasha we won’t recognize your new buffed body!!! Sounds like you are having quite an adventure. Good for you. Love Aunty Angie xx


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