And so begins week two

Today is the start of my second week of Muay Thai training and I’m super happy to report that I’m feeling a lot fitter and stronger. The fact that I’ve just finished morning session, eaten a massive brunch and am NOT asleep is testament to this.

Out of twelve sessions last week I missed three. Was hoping to better this in my second week but considering I’ve already missed two sessions (all day Saturday) due to a stomach bug I don’t think that’ll happen – hopefully I’ll equal it though. I also weighed myself today and I’ve lost one kilo! This is actually an achievement because I’m sure I’ve also gained muscle, which is heavier than fat – farewell flab!

Had a lovely weekend with the crew from the gym – on Saturday night there was a barbecue and although I was still feeling the stomach bug, I was starting to get cabin fever so dragged myself out to the gym for a few drinks and a delicious dinner. The trainers definitely have a work hard, play hard mentality so I knew we were in for a big one. We went from the gym to a bar in town, then to a bar/club called Don’t Cry when that closed. I was pretty sober and had fun watching the antics and drama unfold. Some of the guys were trying to fight each other (some playfully, some less so…) – talk about testosterone build up.

Then on Sunday I went to a local pool with a girl from the gym I’ve become good friends with, spent the day wallowing under umbrellas, eating and swimming. And this morning, got a laugh from the embarrassed faces and teasing resulting from Saturday night.

Ok, NOW it’s time for a nap – then off to the afternoon session at 3pm!


3 thoughts on “And so begins week two

  1. Sharon Miller

    Hi Sash, Its Mumma. Love your blog. I already have a pretty good feel of the place, and the people, from your descriptions. Keep it up, xxxxx

  2. rynagh

    Sasha, this is so great! I just read all your posts and can’t wait for the next one… it sounds like you are having an amazing (if a little painful) time. Keep us updated! xxx


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