Hitting the wall

Pai, Thailand

After my half day off training yesterday I thought I’d be rearing to go today but had a very tough morning session. It’s nearing the end of the week and my body is caving – bruises all over my knees, shins, muscles suffering from exhaustion.

Very keen to hit the afternoon session though so I went out for a massive, vegetarian free buffet lunch with some of the girls from the gym. It’s a pop up restaurant running for 10 days for a Chinese vegetarian festival. It’s already half over but was so delicious, and so good to eat the equivalent of about two full meals at once, that we’ve decided to go back for dinner.

I also walked down to a health food store and bought a vitamin supplement on the recommendation of one of the girls who has bad knees. It’s called ‘Trinergy Powder’ and is made from wheat grass extract, spirulina and jiaogulan. Basically a high protein, high vitamin, detoxing, nourishing powder that you mix in water, milk or food. It smells like hay or something similar – reminds me of Nan and Pop’s farm. I just had some and am feeling a bit better already – that afternoon session might be on the cards after all.

Friday night tonight so we may head out after dinner but I need to avoid alcohol – had just one beer after dinner with the girls last night and could feel it this morning. Need to save it for Saturday night when I have the following day to rest.


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